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Postcards, tobacco cards, etc turn up all the time on, and one particularly good seller there is "Hahnco", based in the Netherlands (use Advanced Search: Search By Seller). They are experts in old movie star postcards and have a huge stock going back to the early days of cinema.

For information on old tobacco cards, you can't beat Troy Kirk's site at He has definitive lists, illustrations and links - and his mail-order service is excellent.

An astonishing site, packed full of photos of Film Kuriers, postcards, tobacco cards, etc is

Interested specifically in German cigarette cards? A vital site to consult is Stuart Arnold knows EVERYTHING about his subject, supplies lots of links, and you can buy from him too.

For the website of the British Cartophilic Society, go to

A good dealer in very old cinema posters is They are very helpful and answer email enquiries fast.

For general information on just about every movie ever made, go to the Internet Movie Data Base


Movie star postcards, usually with a space below the photo for an autograph, were more popular in Europe than in America, and the biggest publisher was Ross Verlag ("Ross Publishers") in Berlin. The company, named after its founder, Heinrich Ross, had been around since the beginning of the century, printing movie star cards from as early as 1916. The cards were sold in shops and kiosks, but were also available by mail order from Ross, which advertised them in movie magazines. Ross himself was Jewish, and the Nazis stripped him of his rights as a citizen in 1935. By '37 control of his company had been taken from him. Ross managed to get his children to America in 1938 (he was a widower), but his attempt to join them a year later nearly ended in disaster when the SS St Louis on which he was traveling was refused permission to land in the USA. With nowhere else to go, the passengers (mainly German Jews) had to return to Europe, and landed in Belgium. Ross (unlike many of his fellow passengers) escaped death when he was accepted as an immigrant by Britain. His publishing company continued without him, and Randolph Scott had the honour of being the last American star to appear on a Ross card after the Yanks entered the War in 1941. As Germany fell to pieces so did Ross Verlag, ending a remarkable run of as many as 30,000 postcard designs published, not to mention their cigarette cards, collectors' photos, etc. During 1942 Heinrich Ross mangaged to reach America, where he was reunited with his children and lived until his death.

A really excellent site all about the Ross company is at

The people of Voorhout, the village where Truus lived when she ran her souvenir business, are proud of being the home of a "Film Diva"! Members of the Voorhout Historical Society have been very helpful in gathering material for this site, and their website can be found at It's full of well-researched items about Voorhout Then and Now.

There is now a Dutch Wikipedia page about Truus, set up by tireless researcher Sally Mens. Find it at and put "Truus van Aalten" into the search box.

Anyone interested in the great American comedy actress Colleen Moore should get over to a great new site all about her: Its creator, Jeff Codori, is building a really good resource for fans of Colleen and silent movie history.


My name is Roger Mitchell, and I set this site up. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with new information about Truus, her family or the people she worked with - any research, photos I don't have, any stories about her - or any corrections to the text.

My email address is

The following people were of enormous help building this site, and I'd like to thank them: Lynda Pitt, Rob Lloyd, Paul Ernetz, Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh, Elte Rauch, Daniel van Waalwijk, Piet Dirkx at EYE Film Instituut Nederland, Riny van Aalten and Sally Mens. From Voorhout: Monique van Buul, Emiel van der Hoeven, Janny van Delft-Kaster, Nico Zoet and Tiny van Werkhoven-Steenkamer. Grateful thanks also to Truus super-fan Rich Finegan, Kees Kleihues van Tol, Stefanie van Stokkom, Saskia Hahn, Titia, Hans Roest, Egbert Barten and Frans van Aalten.


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The text in this site is copyright © Roger Mitchell 2014. No part of it may be used anywhere without my permission - BUT if you're a student doing research, an author looking into the history of the German film industry, etc, feel free to use what you want (don't just cut-and-paste - rewrite me a bit). It has proved impossible to identify the original copyright holders for many of the old photos used in the site - if you feel that you have a claim for acknowledgment, please let me know._



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