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Reference numbers make text hard to read, so they don't appear in this site. If you need to know where I found any bit of information, please email me at and I'll tell you - but if it's any help, here's a list of the sources I've used:




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TvA portrait 1932b.jpg

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The pictures of the two Sieben Töchter... posters are used by kind permission of

The Het Weekblad #204, 221 and 222 scans are very generously provided by Kees Kleihues van Tol, who runs the site, a fantastic resource of photos of old film Kuriers, cards, etc. He also scanned the REB 10 postcard.

The postcard REB 5 is courtesy of Historical Advice Bureau 33-45, a Dutch company set up to provide researchers with expert advice on life during the period 1933-45. Their website is at

Postcards REB 7 and MB&Z I are generously scanned by film researcher Rich Finegan.

Truus' 1950 phone number was found by Sally Mens at



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