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Truus at the Dutch Film Museum

EYE, the Dutch movie museum, holds a vast collection of items relating to film production and cinema culture in the Netherlands from the earliest days of 1895 to today. With 46,000 film titles, 35,000 posters and more than 450,000 photographs, the collection is a fantastic historical resource as well as a centre of pioneering work in the preservation of fragile old films.

Truus' personal archive, containing memorabilia she'd collected over her whole career, was donated to the museum in early March 2009, nearly ten years after her death. The three large cartons and one wooden box had been removed from Truus' Voorhout home by Riny, her niece, and stored unopened in her attic.

When Piet Dirkx, Keeper of the Records, opened the wooden box he found it to be packed full of photographs - portraits and publicity stills right back to Truus' first days at Ufa in 1927. He decided to move them and any other pictures into the protective atmosphere of the museum's Photo Collection immediately. The three cartons contained hundreds of clippings from newspapers and magazines, publicity material, posters, personal items, and a huge number of letters, many bound together with ribbons. Everything had to be catalogued and stored in envelopes in archival boxes, and it became obvious that Truus' letters had already been sorted into two types: work correspondence (now in museum envelopes 51 to 56) and private letters (envelopes 57-1 to 57-30). Piet Dirkx decided to respect Truus' sorting of her letters, and they were stored in that order.

Items relating to single projects/movies were stored together in envelopes 1 to 30, followed by items relating to more than one project, then anything else pertaining to Truus' working life, then private correspondence and items such as identity papers. Finally there are some three-dimensional objects.



1: Die Sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics (1926). Director: Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius.

-1 Film competition organized by the Ufa studio and De Rolprent magazine. 8 items.

2: Die Selige Exzellenz (1927). Directors: Alfred Licho, Wilhelm Thiele.

-1: Publicity material, clipping, letter. 6 items.

3: Gustav Mond... du gehst so stille (1927). Director: Reinhold Sch�nzel.

Left empty for future acquisitions.

4: Geheime Macht (1928). Director: Erich Waschneck

-1: Publicity material, invitation to premiere, clipping. 6 items.

5: Sechs Mädchen suchen Nachtquartier (1928). Director: Hans Behrendt.

-1: Invitation to premiere. 1 item.

6: Das Spreewaldmädel (1928). Director: Hans Steinhoff.

-1: Publicity material, clippings. 5 items.

7: Leontines Ehemänner (1928). Director: Robert Wiene.

-1: Publicity material, contract, invitation, financial papers. 7 items.

8: Der Moderne Casanova (1928). Directors: Max Obal, Rudolf Walther-Fein.

-1: Publicity material, contract, financial papers, clippings. 11 items.

9: Die Lustigen Vagabunden (1929). Directors: Jacob Fleck, Luise Fleck.

-1: Publicity material, contract, clippings, financial papers. 1 envelope.

-2: Advertisement. 2 items.


10: Jenny's Bummel durch die Männer (1929). Director: Jaap Speyer.

-1: Clippings, publicity material, contract, clipping re public appearance. 1 envelope.

11: Ich hab' mein Herz im Autobus verloren (1929). Director: Carlo Campogalliani, Domenico Gambino.

-1: Clippings, contract, publicity material, clipping re public appearance by Truus. 1 envelope.

12: Die Fidele Herrenpartie (1929). Director: Rudolf Walther-Fein.

-1: Clippings, contract, publicity material. 1 envelope.

-2: Newspaper advertisement. 1 item.


13: Der Sonderling (1929). Director: Walter Jerven.

-1: Clippings. 6 items.

14: O Mädchen, mein Mädchen, wie lieb' ich Dich! (1930). Directors: Carl Boese, Rudolf Walther-Fein.

-1: Publicity material, contract, invitation, clippings. 1 envelope.

15: Nur am Rhein (1930). Director: Max Mack.

-1: Publications, contract, financial papers, premiere, clippings. 1 envelope.

16: Liebling der Götter (1930). Director: Hanns Schwarz.

-1: Invitation to the "World Premiere", financial papers. 3 items.

17: Pension Schöller (1930).Director: Georg Jacoby.

-1: Publicity material, invitation to premiere, financial papers. 6 items.

18: Susanne macht Ordnung (1930). Director: Eugen Thiele.

-1: Publicity material, contract, sheetmusic of songs Dreh' dich noch einmal um bevor Du gehst! and Georgette (composed by Leo Leux for the movie), news of a screening in 1977. 1 envelope.

-2: Newspaper advertisement. 1 item.

19: Kasernenzauber (1931). Director: Carl Boese.

-1: Publicity material, invitation to premiere. 2 items.

20: Kopfüber ins Glück (1931). Director: Ragnar Hans Steinhoff.

-1: Publicity material, contract, clipping (photo of the cast and crew). 4 items.

21: Der Bettelstudent (1931). Director: Victor Janson

-1: Clippings, contracts, publicity material, financial papers. 1 envelope.

22: Ausflug ins Leben aka Hirsekorn greift ein and Die Dame und ihr Chauffeur (1931). Director: Rudolph Bernaur.

-1: Clippings, contract, publicity material. 1 envelope.

23: Teilnehmer antwortet nicht (1932). Directors: Rudolf Katscher, Marc Sorkin.

-1: Contract, financial papers. 9 items.

24: Nur ein Viertelstündchen (1932). Short. Director: Alwin Elling.

-1: Publicity material. 1 item.

25: Eine Liebesnacht (1932). Director: Joe May. Left empty for future acquisitions.

26: Peter und Billy - die Kameradschaftsehe (1932). Short. Director: Stefan Székely.

-1: Clippings. 3 items.

27: Eine Ideale Wohnung (1933). Short. Director: Georg Jacoby.

-1: Contract, financial papers, Dutch publicity material. 11 items.

28: G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald (1934). Director: Georg Jacoby.

-1: Publicity material, contract, clippings. 1 envelope.

-2: Scenario. 1 item.

-3: Original dress designs, with fabric sample. 3 items.


29: Het meisje met de blauwe hoed (1934). Director: Rudolf Meinert.

-1: Contract. 1 item.

-2: Publicity material. 6 items.

-3: Invitations to the Amsterdam and Brussels premieres. 4 items.

-4: Publications and articles including song lyrics. 8 items.

-5: Clippings. 1 envelope.

-6: Items after 1945. 10 items.

30: Ein Ganzer Kerl (1939). Director: Fritz Peter Buch.

-1: Publicity material, messages of congratulation for having appearing in a film again. 1 envelope.


31: Scrapbook containing clippings from newspapers and magazines: 1926-1928. General articles and articles concerning the films Die sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics, Gustav Mond... du gehst so Stille, Die selige Exzellenz, Die geheime Macht. 1 item.

32: Scrapbook containing clippings from newspapers and magazines: 1926-1929. General articles and articles concerning the films Die sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics, Die selige Exzellenz, Die geheime Macht, Sechs Mädchen suchen Nachtquartier, Das Spreewaldmädel/Wenn die Garde marschiert, Der moderne Casanova, Die lustigen Vagabunden. 1 item.

33: Scrapbook containing clippings from newspapers and magazines: 1930-1933. General articles and articles concerning the films Suzanne macht Ordnung, Liebling der Götter, Pension Schöller, Der Sonderling, O Mädchen, mein Mädchen, wie lieb' ich dich!, Kasernenzauber, Jenny's Bummel durch die Männer, Nur am Rhein, da möcht' ich leben, Ausflug ins Leben, Ich hab' mein Herz im Autobus verloren, Teilnehmer antwortet nicht, Eine ideale Wohnung. 1 item.

34-35: Loose clippings, generally of interviews, but also reports of public appearance in the Netherlands and Germany (not always film-related: a visit to Tilburg; an illness in 1933 (see also 57-1 and 60).

34: Before 1940. 1 envelope.

35: After 1945. 1 envelope.


40: Appointments diary from September 1926 to 1 May 1937. 1 item.

41: UFA contract with correspondence, 1926-1927. 8 items.

42: Financial/tax/insurance papers, 1927, 1930,1940. 1 envelope.

43: Papers relating to theatre/revue/public appearances, 1929-1940, and undated events.

Truus acted in several theatre plays and revues and made many public appearances:

Eine Nacht im Orient Express ("One Night On The Orient Express") (1929).

Wie werde ich reich und glücklich ("How To Become Rich And Happy") (1930).

Was fang' ich mit ihr an (1932).

Unknown title (1940).

Leuchtende Sterne über Planten un Blomen (undated).

Ein Tag der Filmprominenten (undated).

The big musical revue Funkheinzelmann filmt (undated).

Film & Radio conference (undated).

NB: For Truus' presence and appearances at film screenings, see the various Projects. For public appearances, see also envelope 34. 1 envelope.

44: Contracts and correspondence re films in which Truus did not appear: 1930-1939, and undated.

Kasernenluft ("Barracks Air") (possibly unproduced). 1930.

Keinen Tag ohne dich ("No Day Without You")/Wovon soll der Schornstein rauchen ("What Makes The Chimney Smoke?") (produced by Pheobus film). 1933.

Zomerzotheid ("A Crazy Summer") (first adaptation of Dutch author Cissy van Marxveldt's 1927 novel for teenage girls, Een zomerzotheid. Produced in 1936). 1934.

Letzte Liebe ("Last Love") (produced by the Austrian company Wiener Film KG Morawsky & Company). 1935.

Die Fräulein Jule ("Miss Julie") (possibly unproduced). 1939.

Wenn ich Prinzessin wär' ("When I Was A Princess"). Outline for a comedy film (possibly unproduced) written by Szöke Szakall and Wladimir Soloweitschik. It begins with the stipulation Bei der Besetzung der Hauptrolle kann nur an ein erstes komisches Talent, wie etwa Colleen Moore, oder in Europa Truus van Aalten gedacht werden. ("In casting the lead actress only the finest comic talent such as Colleen Moore - or in Europe Truus van Aalten - should be considered"). Undated. 1 envelope.

45: Publicity and modelling work (undated). Among others: book cover for Das Fräulein aus der Stadt ("The City Girl") by Emmi Wald (first publication1929) and advertisement for Lux Toilet Soap from the Wereldkroniek. 5 items.

46: Man sammelt Filmstars ("Collecting Film Stars") and Sensationelle Filmpostkarten ("Sensational Film Postcards"). Lists, samples and contract with the Ross postcard publishing company. 1932, 1934 and undated. 5 items. (NB: The picture postcards and cigarette cards have been moved to the Museum's photo collection.)

47: Exposés. 1950 and undated. 1 envelope.

48: Promotional leaflet: "Truus van Aalten, Dutch Film Star - Played feature parts in more than 50 Austrian, German and Dutch Pictures" - with photos and filmography in English. Several copies. Undated, but after 1945. NB: The original printing plates for this are in envelope 75.

49: Filmography: Truus van Aalten - listing production year, director, producer, distributor, studio and premiere date. Compiled by Kathinka Dittrich, 30/7/82. 1 item.

50: Amsterdam Filmmuseum retrospective. Also contains a 1969 letter from Museum director Jan de Vaal about the archives. 1983. 5 items.


Files of letters and other incidental items:

51: Attempt to find work in the USA - correspondence with HE Edington - FH Vincent, Inc. (Agency), Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1936-1939. 6 items.

52: Applications and invitations to interviews, 1953-1955, 1978, 1983. 1 envelope.

53: Lilian Harvey - letters and photos from LH's fans, plus documentation, 1969-1982. 1 envelope.

54: Fanmail.

-1 1927-1936. 1 envelope.

-2 1979-1998. 1 envelope.

55: Louis Davids (cabaret singer and revue artist)'s exhibition in Rotterdam, 1983, 1984. NB: Truus contributed a poem that Davids had written for her in 1935. 1 envelope.

56: Kathinka Dittrich. 1982-1987. 1 envelope.

57: Various letters, 1928-1961. (For full description, see appendix). 30 envelopes.


60: Scrapbook with Get Well Soon cards. 1933. (See also #34 and #57-1.)

61: Identity papers, 1933-1949. Passports: 1933, 1939, 1942, 1945.

Distributiestamkaart (Dutch wartime ration card) (1939).

Hirsch & Co (Amsterdam fashion store) Artists' discount card (1939).

Identity card (1941).

Tweede Distributie Stamkaart (German-controlled Dutch wartime ration card) (undated).

Model C Certificate, Brussels (1945).

Registration Certificate (1948-1949).

National Registration: Temporary ID Card (1948-1949).

Certificate of registration in the Belgian Foreigners Register, (1948).

Alien Registration Receipt Card (undated). 13 items.

62: Will of Lucien Emil Huijer with a patent for a lathe, in Dutch and English. 1946-1947. 6 items.

63: Huters Astrologischer Kalender für das Jahr 1953 ("Huters Astrological Calendar, 1953") with horoscope by A. Pieterse of The Hague (4 A4 sheets) and one German horoscope (2 A4 sheets). 1953. 3 items.

64: Announcement of the marriage of Truus van Aalten and H.M. (Henk) Godwaldt, 1964. 1 item.

65: Truus' death. Among other items: cards, church service, in memoriam. 1999. 1 envelope.

66: Clippings without a clear relation to the archive: 1949, 1964, 1983, undated. 4 items.


71: Original drawings in various techniques (not all portraits of Truus), removed from original frames. Undated. 9 items.

72: Original drawings in various techniques (not all portraits of Truus), in original frames. Undated. 2 items.

73: Ribbons (sashes) in original box. 1 item.

74: Travel alarm clock. 1 item.

75: Original printing plates for Truus' post-war promotional leaflet (see 48).

76: Caricature portrait (cut-out cardboard). This design (from Het meisje...) is also used as a logo on envelopes and on the promotional material in envelope #48. 1 item.

BOOKS (Not specifically relating to Truus van Aalten)

Grossmacht Film : Das Geschöpf von Kunst und Technik ("Film: Powerful Creature of Art and Tecnology") by Curt Wesse. Berlin, 1928.

Film by Luc Willink. With personal inscription to Truus by the author. The Hague, 1928.

Filmthemen, noch und noch! : 150 Filmvorschläge für eifrige Filmamateure ("More And More Film Subjects - 150 Film Suggestions For Enthusiastic Film Amateurs"), Hellmuth Lange, Berlin, 1941.

Fuchs von Glenarvon ("The Glenarvon Fox") by HW Heinrich. Aktuelle Filmbücher 27, Berlin, 1940.

Der Niederländische Spielfilm der dreissiger Jahre und die Deutsche Filmemigration ("The Dutch Feature Film In The 1930s And The German Movie Migration") by Kathinka Dittrich van Weringh. With personal inscription to Truus by the author. Amsterdam, 1987.

Real-Film GmbH, 1949.

Der Weg zum Film: Der Filmschauspieler ("The Way To The Movies - The Film Actor") by Max Otten. Berlin, 1918.

Brochure for the International Film Exhibition (Internationale Tentoonstelling op Filmgebied or I.T.F.), The Hague, 1928.

Ufa catalogue 1934-1935.

Periodical: Het oog in 't zeil ("The Eye In The Sail"). Vol 1 #1, October 1983.



57: Letters received. Many of these were originally found tied together in bundles, and this organization is retained as far as possible in the envelopes below. Loose letters have been stored wherever seemed most suitable. Researchers may need to consult several envelopes.

-1: Various senders: 1930, 1931 1933: Béla de Grach (and others).

-2: Various senders: 1935-1946: Ina, Hermann Treuner (writer on movies), Simon Koster (writer and director) (and others).

-3: Various senders: 1947-1951: Elisabeth, Jan Dosser Ballroom, Mabel.

-4: Various senders: 1948, 1949: Denis, Josephine ("Josephientje"), Bay Faulkner (and others).

-5: EMPTY - for possible later additions.

-6: Helma Seitz (actress): 1928-1930.

-7: Lothar ("Woofie") Wolff (film editor, then producer): 1928-1949.

-8: Willy Corsari (authoress): 1929-1936.

-9: Willy Corsari: 1933-1947.

-10: Willy Corsari: 1948-1952.

-11: Nami and Alice: 1929-1933.

-12: Nami, Alice, Galerie Gurlitt (a famous Art Gallery in Berlin), Hans Thalatta: 1934-1936.

-13: Nami and Alice: 1936-1944.

-14: Mary Parker (actress in Truus' film Susanne macht Ordnung). Includes a lock of hair: 1931.

-15: Herbert Lehmann (US Senator, New York): 1931.

-16: Fritz and Eva Staar: 1933-1952.

-17: Hugo Wills: 1933-1940.

-18: Lato, Graf von Mirbach-Geldern-Egmont: 1933, 1948-1951.

-19: Lato, Graf von Mirbach-Geldern-Egmont: 1949.

-20: Film related: Emil Jannings, among others): 1936-1938.

-21: Lucien Huyer, Liesje Santen (actress). Includes official documents regarding the separation of Huyer and Santen. Cor Klinkert: 1937-1952.

-22: Jan Santen, (brother of Liesje Santen): 1937-1938.

-23: Mien Smit (Johannesburg): 1937-1938, 1948-1951.

-24: Victor and Dorothy Silvester (Victor Silvester was a well-known British dance band leader, Dorothy was his wife): 1938, 1939, 1946-1948, three newspaper clippings regarding his dance band's tour of the Netherlands in 1976.

-25: Julyet Gurlit (Bad-Aussee, Austria): 1946-1952. (With two clippings relating to the death of Wolfgang Gurlitt in 1965.) (See also envelopes 57-12.)

-26: Film related: 1947-1949. 7 items.

-27: Walter Emanuel: rent demands on Truus' home in Amsterdam's Cliostraat: 1947-1951.

-28: Olga Tschechowa (actress): 1956. 10 items.

-29: Lilian Harvey Cie.: 1959. (Lilian Harvey had played the lead in the 1926 German comedy Prinzessin Trulala - perhaps that's where Olga Tschechowa got Truus' nickname from). 10 items.

-30: Engineer A.W. Quast (Münich) regarding Truus's import/export company Firma T. van Aalten Handelsonderneming: 1961. 6 items.


"I think that Truus' niece felt it was emotionally time for her to create a distance from her aunt and donate the material to the museum," Piet Dirkx said in 2009. "I'm glad she did! The photos are a great addition to our archive - we now have stills from most of Truus' movies. In the coming years these pictures will be scanned as part of a big project we're planning, after which they'll be digitally available on the Internet."

Eye's Dutch-language Truus inventory page is here:



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