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New Truus pictures don't turn up very often these days - but here's a very rare photo from her film Kasernenzauber, released in 1931. When 16-year-old Truus had set off alone from home in Amsterdam to appear in her first film in Berlin, her mother had insisted she carry a ridiculous old Victorian umbrella "just in case..." Did Truus herself add the umbrella to this scene?

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If you have a spare copper in your pocket, snap up this poster from one of Truus' films - it was on Ebay in April!


This lovely picture of Truus shows her signing a batch of the first "Truus van Aalten" postcards. It was found by brilliant researcher Marja Pals and it's shown here by kind permission of Truus' niece Riny.


We've received this wonderful photo from Aukje, who lives in Amstelveen on the edge of Amsterdam. "We're renovating our house," she tells us, "and today our contractor found this old image of Truus van Aalten, tucked away between the wood. It's almost falling apart, but I thought you might be interested. No idea how it ended up here, but it has been here for quite a while!" Indeed it has, Aukje - about 86 years!

Thank you so much for sending this, so everyone can see it. Truus's big grin is still infectious after nearly a century hidden in your house! Who owned her? Maybe we'll never know...


Film fan, graphic designer, photographer and collector Yvonne has found this very rare tinted postcard of Truusje. Thank you, Yvonne! Check out her website at


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