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When Truus started working under contract as a junior starlet at the Ufa studio in Berlin, she had to learn to act. The best way to do that was for her bosses to put her into as many films as possible, including features, shorts and even cinema adverts. One product she was lent out to endorse that she remembered for the rest of her life was Scherk facial cleanser. "This is really magnificent!" she gushes. "I was so fed up with my complexion, but now it's pure and smooth. Scherk really helped me." What nobody knew, and the reason Truus remembered the stuff, was that it smelt revolting! (Click to enlarge.)


Advertising postcard for Bubisan hair products. Germany. (Click to enlarge.)

If you don't speak German (and you're younger than about 90) you won't get the joke in this shampoo's name. A 1920s bob hairstyle was called a "Bubikopf" - so "Bubisan" cleans your bob!



Ad for Jantzen swimsuits. Printed in Deutche Illustrierte #25, 19 June 1928. Kindly scanned by Titia in Holland. Here also is another photo from the shoot (the young man is dancer Nils Gunter).

Jantzen is still regarded as the best swimsuit you can buy - they were a very high-class firm, and only used big film stars in their advertisements. The JV Grünfeld store which placed this ad seems to no longer exist.


Advertising postcard for the Kivou Cocoa & Chocolate company, Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Identical cards were produced for the Dutch chocolate and sugar company De Faam. (Click to enlarge.)



"Just point at 'em, dear, and give us a grin..." (Click to enlarge.)



Pages of Marylan-Creme booklets. Germany. (Click to enlarge.)


Probably a photo from an advertising shoot - as a young UFA starlet, Truus was loaned out to advertise all sorts of things.


Magazine ad for Ross Verlag movie-star postcards. Germany. (Click to enlarge.)


Lux Soap ad in Photoplay, USA, December 1930. Versions of this ad ran in magazines and newspapers all over America during early March 1930, mainly in the Eastern states. The company had assembled photos of film stars it considered to be attractive to the readers of the Oakland Tribune in California, the Hagerstown Morning Herald in Maryland, and the beautifully-named Sheboygan Press, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. (Click to enlarge.)



In 1933, when her career had started to suffer from the Nazis' new restrictions on foreign workers, Truus was still a big enough star for Lux soap to pay for full- and half-page ads in Dutch magazines featuring her blemish-free chops.
Thanks to the people at SROK Ads (, for finding these - they're a Dutch company who sell vintage advertising and other paper ephemera. (Click to enlarge.)

Cloetta 94 SITE.jpg

Cloetta 294 SITE.jpg

Cards given free with Cloetta Örn ("Eagle") cocoa. Sweden. (Click to enlarge.)
(The "Dutch Girl" picture was also issued as an album card by the van Houten cocoa company as #34 in their card series 1.)


Card #A:50 given free with Effka margarine. Germany. (Click to enlarge.)


Here's Truus advertising Carl Mampe Liqueur and Ultraphon record players for a magazine competition.

TvA advert-phonograph-SITE.jpg

TvA advert-drink-box-SITE.jpg

Some stills from the original photo shoot. (Click to enlarge.)


Card given free with Haas Brothers foods. Germany. (Click to enlarge.)



Cards given free with De Beukelaer biscuits in 1930. These are #109 of the UK and Belgian series. (Click to enlarge.)


Bensdorp Chocolate card. Netherlands, c1934. Courtesy of Kees Kleihues van Tol. (Click to enlarge.)


These photos, found in Truus' own collection, are either part of some long-forgotten advertising campaign OR an indication that Truus liked to sit on tables while getting tiddly on punch. Will we ever know the truth?


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